Undeterred, We Fish On
Dude's Fishing Hole
Panorama Point Claiming our Fishing Spot Looking Right Looking Left Towards the Dam Trevor gears up... ...and we're fishing! The Clouds Move In Undeterred, We Fish On Trevor reels in the catch of the day: seaweed. Self-photo Dude's Fishing Hole
My brother, Trevor, flew in from San Francisco for the holiday weekend this year. While in town, we decided to try our luck at fishing. After buying our license and gearing up at the local REI and Sports Authority, we drove to Golden Gate Canyon State Park. The park has several ponds to choose from, but the ranger at the Vistor Center recommended Dude's Fishing Hole. According to the ranger, Dude's Fishing Hole doesn't get as crowded as the other fishing spots becuase it requires a short hike to get to it. Well, apparently he's been recommending it for quite some time, because the pond was more crowded than any of the others.

We set up on the far side of the pond, away from the crowd, and started casting. Not having much luck, we blamed the other fishermen for overfishing the lake. But once the clouds moved in and nearly everyone left, we still didn't catch anything and there was no one left to blame. Trevor got a few bites and almost reeled in a small rainbow trout, but we ended up leaving empty handed.