Entering the Badlands
South Dakota Road Trip
This Labor Day weekend Jen and I took the "all-American" roadtrip through South Dakota.

Custer State Park

Hotel in Lusk No Starbucks? Could it be? Curses! We were tricked! Crazy Horse Memorial Model Crazy Horse Beware kid on the left. Road Trip Rage Needles Highway Sylvan Lake Self Photo at Sylvan Lake A Tight Squeeze Maalox? The Black Hills Hiking in Heels Finally some Buffalo! A Little One Some Unusual Traffic Fate of the Buffalo Wild Burros I guess we're pretty funny to look at too.
After spending the night in Lusk, we spent the first day driving through Custer State Park.

Mount Rushmore

Entering Mount Rushmore Go Colorado! The Grand View Terrace Mount Rushmore Self Photo Nightly Flag Ceremony Leaving Mount Rushmore
Later that same day, we arrived at Mount Rushmore.

The Badlands

Entering the Badlands Mountain Goats! Mountain Goats Making Camp The Badlands More Badlands More Badlands More Badlands Badlands Visitor Center A Short Hike A Close Call Stay on the Trail The "Summit" Jen waits at the trailhead Badlands Jen Badlands Self Photo Life on the edge Waiting for Sunset Sunset in the Badlands
After spending the night in Keystone, we drove to the Badlands to the next day.

Devils Tower

Devils Tower National Monument Devils Tower More Devils Tower
On our last full day, we drove to Wyoming to visit Devils Tower National Monument and then back to Rapid City to spend the night. After too many buffalo burgers this weekend, the Red Lobster in Rapid City proved to be an unexpected culinary treat.