The Summit, Finally!
Mount Rosalie
Cresting the Saddle Saddle Marker The Other Side Mount Evans from the Saddle Route to Mount Rosalie Summit Looking Back Royal Mountain Roosevelt Lake The Pegmatite Points #1 The Pegmatite Points #2 Lunch Stop, 500 Feet To Go The Summit, Finally! Mount Evans Mount Bierstadt Looking Southwest Exhausted and Loopy The Rockpile Looking towards Kenosha Pass and Fairplay Mount Evans and Bierstadt from Rosalie Heading Down the Way I Came Nearing Treeline Return to Tanglewood Trail Cool Sun-bleached Wood Homebound
In May 2008 I tried to hike the Tanglewood Trail to the saddle, but eventually had to turn back when the snowpack got too dangerous to hike without crampons. So over a year older and a little wiser, I tried again. This time I reached the saddle and continued on to the summit of Mount Rosalie, making this the most challenging hike I've done to date. This was also my first hike using trekking poles (a gift from my brother), which I had been wanting to try out. Considering I hiked farther and higher than ever before, I have to give the poles some credit.